Shipyards and marinas are generally located in areas in which is difficult or impossible to build conventional hangars, warehouse or shelters. On the other hand they usually need very peculiar features such as very big heights and/or very large span widths and /or modular system and /or mobile or folding hangars. Starting from all these different features needed, Shipyard Solution has developed a wide range of shelters able to suite all these different needs. Using different materials, different shapes and different technology Shipyards Solution is the only company able to offer a real solution to all these different needs.
Following European regulations all the temporary structures must have a snow and wind load test certification. Therefore all the Shipyard Solution’s structures have a certification made by The Italian Engineer Diego Bruciafreddo. The structures are certified to resist wind loads up to 25 m/s with burst 38 m/s and snow load up to 50 Kg/m². Following there is just a drawing of the wind stress test of a Shipyard Solution’s steel structure with size 26*32*16 m ( L*W*H). 

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